Rivo Alto Island - Miami Beach homes for sale


Rivo Alto Island is part of the Venetian Islands just off the coast of Miami Beach, and the second closest one to the mainland. The Venetian Islands are a chain of beautiful man-made islands with upscale developments. The Island of Rivo Alto is divided exclusively into two strictly residential communities, East Rivo Alto and West Rivo Alto. These are not cookie-cutter homes by any means, as they offer a wide range of diverse architectural styles to choose from. There are waterfront and non-waterfront lots available, in a variety of sizes and configurations. It goes without saying that a waterfront home on Rivo Alto will have spectacular views. Depending on the home's exposure the view would be of the Miami Beach or Biscayne Bay skyline.


The location of Rivo Alto and its proximity to South Beach and Downtown Miami Beach make this one of the most desirable residential areas. Residents can easily access South Beach to the east and can often be found walking to the busy Sunset Harbor area for their spin classes or to meet friends for lunch at any number of Miami Beach's most famous restaurants, including Barceloneta, Sardinia, and Pub Belly. Taking the gorgeous Venetian Causeway, you can reach Downtown Miami in less than 10 minutes, or be at Miami International Airport in less than 20 minutes. Rivo Alto offers the best in luxury homes combined with a uniquely casual and neighborly environment.